18. August 2017

Try and buy Soldupe

Quick Facts about Soldupe

  • Soldupe is a webbased service, that is designed with focus on your online privacy
  • Its purpose is to help you sync your private data across your devices, while keeping you in full charge of your data – see our F.A.Q. for more information
  • Soldupe provides data sync (files, calendar, tasks and bookmarks) and chat services
  • A lot more features will be implemented in the near future
  • Soldupe relies on open source software and open standards only
  • Through our Terms of Service we commit ourselves to our customers online privacy
  • You can try Soldupe for 30 days for free before buying a subscription (Free Trial Period)
  • If you buy a subscription while your Free Trial Period is still active, the remaining days will be added to your subscription runtime
  • You always get access to all current and future Soldupe features disregarding the subscription level you are using
  • We don’t put ads on our products, read about our reasons for this here

Our basic principles

  • We don’t scan, collect or analyze your data or meta-data
  • We don’t sell your data or meta-data to anyone
  • We don’t place any ads in any of our products or websites
  • We don’t use tracking software hosted by third parties
  • We encrypt data everywhere – be it data in transit or data at rest
  • We only use strong encryption algorithms which are not known to be compromised
  • We rely on open standards and open source software only
  • We put the user back in charge of his own data

You can download the Soldupe Terms of Service here.


Subscription Prices

  • Standard Subscription (1 year, 5 GB File Storage) – € 15,-
  • Medium Subscription (1 year, 10 GB File Storage) – € 25,-
  • Large Subscription (1 year, 25 GB File Storage) – € 45,-

All prices are in EURO and excluding VAT!

Learn more about our Subscriptions in this blog post!
All Soldupe features are described in this post and the software behind Soldupe is explained in this blog entry.

Jump Start Procedure

  1. Register at the Soldupe User Dashboard
  2. Activate your account by visiting the link in the account activation email
  3. Start your Soldupe Trial Period
  4. Put Soldupe to the test for 30 days!
  5. And finally, if you like Soldupe – Buy a Subscription!

Recommended Client Software

Soldupe works with any client software capable of processing WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV and XMPP.
Basically you can try any client on any OS you want, the clients listed here are tested and guaranteed to be working with Soldupe or in other words we can fully support you with configuring these clients with Soldupe!

File Sync
You can either access Soldupe via Web or use one of the Nextcloud clients:

Nextcloud Desktop Client for Windows, Mac & Linux
Nextcloud Client for Android  (available on Google Play Store and F-Droid)
Nextcloud Client for iOS

Calendar / Addressbook Sync
If you’re planning to use Soldupe as the only Cal-/CardDAV Backend, we recommend you to use the Soldupe Sync for Android.

Soldupe Sync (Google Play Store)

Check out our Soldupe Sync for Android configuration guide!
If you need to synchronize your Android device with several Cal-/CardDAV servers, we recommend you to use DAVdroid:

DAVdroid (Google Play Store)
DAVdroid (F-Droid)

Chat / Instant Messaging
We recommend you to use one of these XMPP clients as they are capable of end-to-end encryption using several OTR methods including OMEMO:

Conversations (Google Play Store)
Conversations (F-Droid)
ChatSecure for iOS (iTunes)
Gajim (Linux & Windows)

Link Collection

Soldupe Backend: https://cloud.soldupe.com/
This is the web interface to Soldupe Cloud Services. You can upload/download and share files there, as well add/delete/change calendar entries, tasks and contacts.

Soldupe Dashboard: https://dashboard.soldupe.com/
At our Dashboard you can register your Soldupe account, change your settings, etc.
You can also activate your Free Trial Period there, buy a subscription and renew an existing subscription.

Soldupe Webshop: https://dashboard.soldupe.com/products/shop
This is the direct link to our webshop, where you can buy a Soldupe subscription.

You need to be registered and logged in to our Dashboard in order to use our webshop.

Soldupe Manuals: https://soldupe.com/manuals/
A  collection of manuals and howtos, which will be constantly expanded!

Soldupe Support: support@soldupe.com (Email)


Social Media
Mastodon: https://beamy-lake.social/@soldupe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soldupecloud

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All this and more information can be found in our Soldupe Quick Start Guide (PDF)!