3. May 2017

Soldupe Sync Client

Welcome to the Soldupe Sync Quick Start Guide!

It will help you getting Soldupe Sync up&running in no time!
You can download the full Soldupe Sync for Android Configuration Guide (PDF) here.

Configuring Soldupe Sync
After turning off power saving for Soldupe Sync, you will see the starting page:

Soldupe Sync - Login Page

Login Page

At the Login Page you can either use your username and password to login (Sorry, it’s not possible to use your email address here!), but we would recommend you to generate a dedicated app password for Soldupe Sync.

It’s done in only three steps and it works like this:

1. Move over to the Soldupe Web interface / personal settings page
2. Give the App name a “speaking name”, so you can easily distinguish between several app passwords (and especially remember which password belongs to which app)
3. You can now use that Username / Password combination with your Soldupe Sync app. Please be aware, that this password is only shown once!

We recommend to untick the “Allow filesystem access” box!

Once you’ve entered your credential and pressed the Login button in the lower right corner, Soldupe Sync will detect the existing calendars and address books. This may take a few seconds.

You will be then asked to create an account – this account will be used for synchronizing your data with the Soldupe backend. Please use an email address for the account name, as Android uses the account name as Organizer for the events you create!

IMPORTANT INFO – Power Saving Options
After installing Soldupe Sync, at the first start of the app your system will ask you, if it’s OK for you to turn off the power saving for Soldupe Sync. Please answer “YES” otherwise Soldupe Sync will not be able to sync your data, while your phone is on standby! Per default your email address you registered with at Soldupe will be used.

IMPORTANT INFO – Additional permissions
Soldupe Sync will ask you for some additional permissions it needs to synchronize your calendar entries, contacts and tasks. Please grant Soldupe Sync these permissions, otherwise we can’t guarantee you that it will work properly!