Soldupe Subscriptions

Thank you for your interest in Soldupe!


We offer three different “levels” of subscription, which all include all Soldupe features and just differ in the amount of file storage they have included:

  • Standard (5 GB) at € 15 per year
  • Medium (10 GB) at € 25 per year
  • Large (25 GB) at € 45 per year

Prices do not include VAT.

Subscriptions can be bought for a runtime of one year only.

If you buy a new subscription, you will also be charged with a setup fee between 1 to 4 Euros. This setup fee will be charged only for new subscriptions – renewals, upgrades, etc. will not be charged with this setup fee.

You will be able to extend your subscription for another year, if you have less than 100 days left in your current subscriptions runtime.

Upgrade to a bigger subscription is possible everytime during your actual subscription runtime, downgrade is only possible at the end of the runtime of your actual subscription.

We offer the following payment methods:

Payment Methods

We are also planning to accept Bitcoins, for staying up2date on this topic please sign-up to our Newsletter.

Prices will be charged in EURO.

Testing Soldupe Cloud Services

If you want to test Soldupe first, before you hand us over your hard earned money, you can sign-up and request a one-time test voucher. This voucher will enable you to test all features of Soldupe Cloud Services for a limited amount of time (usually 1 month with 512MB file quota).

Questions? Please get in touch with us.