Soldupe Use Cases

Soldupe Use Cases
Soldupe can be used in many ways.
Here are three use cases sketching the range of application of Soldupe Cloud Services.

A more detailled guide with more Use Cases, as well as manuals will be published here soon.

Several Vendors

If you are using several Smartphones/Tablets (probably one for work and another one privately) with different operating systems, it’s a bit challenging to synchronize specific personal data across all devices.

You have to use quite a lot of apps and/or have to do a lot of manual configuration, which requires some Know-How and definitely needs some time and efforts. Some of these apps cost money, other come for free but inevitably with a lot of advertisements along. Besides that, under certain circumstances it’s not even possible to sync the necessary details as some of the big vendors try to keep their users locked in their “ecosystem”.

Same problems occur, when you’re switching from one vendor to another and looking to take all your personal data with you as you go.

With Soldupe Cloud Services
Two ways: If your phone applications “understand” the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols, you can simply use Soldupe as backend service to store your data or you just install the Soldupe Sync App on each of your devices, enter your username and password, click a few checkboxes and there you go.

100% simplicity and convenience with Soldupe Cloud Services.

Data Sharing

Even though you want your personal data to stay private, at some occasions you need to share specific data with either known or unknown users. Be it, organizing appointments with your customers, sharing date and location of a concert of your favorite band with your friends, sharing the contact details of your new Yoga teacher, sending your spouse a shopping checklist or a picture you just took or maybe just sharing a link to an interesting blog and so on (you get the picture) – a lot of different services already provide us with these functionality, but everyone comes with its own interface and policies.

With Soldupe Cloud Services
You can selectively share data like appointments, whole calendars, single pictures or complete galleries, contacts, etc. pp. through a single interface with just a few clicks.

100% no ads and no spying guaranteed.

“Free” Services

You distrust huge companies and their “free” services?
You don’t like your personal data getting x-rayed and monetized, even though you don’t have to pay to use these “free” services?

With Soldupe Cloud Services
We are trying to deliver all the services needed in the 21st century digital world, but just without playing Big Brother on our customers.

100% privacy – that’s Soldupe Cloud Services!