13. February 2017

Our mission

Is to help you regaining your digital freedom!


Our mission!

And we are serious about it!

Soldupe is designed around privacy.
Soldupe is 100% absolutely advertisement free.
Soldupe uses solely open standards and interfaces.
Soldupe synchronizes your personal data across all your devices.


Soldupe Cloud Services is the future of user-oriented, data protection focused and platform independent webservices!

By building a privacy focused but nevertheless easy to use solution based on “best-of-class” open source software, we want to bring the advantages of open source software “to the masses”.

Our target audience ranges from users who want a reliable and easy to use webservice to “hackers” who just want to use Soldupe as “open-interfaced backend” to their own clients.

If you want to learn more, you can find more information on the Soldupe Features and How-To pages.
And if there are still questions open, please drop us a line on one of our social media channels.