Mobile Clients

Anytime, anywhere, on any device!


Soldupe Mobile Clients

Soldupe is designed to connect, what was designed to stay apart.
With that approach in mind, we designed a service which lets the used decide which client software he wants to use. It’s possible to access Soldupe with any kind of third party software, but for best user experience and a streamlined interface, we are developing our own mobile apps.

Beside our own Soldupe Sync app, we provide you with a list of supported client apps in our technical FAQ.

Soldupe Sync

This app keeps all of your personal data, like calendar entries, tasks and contacts, in sync with the Soldupe backend.
This is the main app for using Soldupe Cloud Services.

Soldupe Sync is already available DRM-free at (you can also pay in Bitcoins there!) as well as at the Google Play Store.

All Soldupe mobile apps are free from any advertisements.
All Soldupe mobile apps will be made available through various appstores.
All Soldupe mobile apps are available as paid versions only (except the Test App).
All Soldupe mobile apps will be made available for Android first and later for iOS.

If you prefer to access Soldupe through your favorite browser, this is also OK with us. All Soldupe related products and websites are optimized for mobile access, enabling you to access your data anytime, anywhere and on any device!

In the meantime why not catch up with us on one of our social media channels? Ask a question or just drop us a line – we look out to hear from you!