19. May 2017

Soldupe Manuals

Here is a set of manuals, which should help you getting Soldupe configured in no time.
As always, if you need further help, please contact us on one of our social media channels.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide covers registering at the Soldupe User Dashboard, as well as activating the Free Trial Period. It also contains a lot more information about getting started with Soldupe Cloud Services!


Webshop Guide

The Webshop Guide explains the Soldupe subscription system, how you can obtain a new subscription and how to renew your subscription in time. It also guides you through the payment process, lists the data we are gathering and the reasons, why we are gathering this information.


Soldupe Sync Configuration Guide

As the name says, this guide helps you configuring the official Soldupe Cloud Services Client. You can also read a quick introduction online here.


Webinterface Guide

Since we are using a standard instance of Nextcloud for our backend, we would like to redirect you to their excellent User Manual at their homepage. There is also a very active community around Nextcloud, which you can join at their forums!


3rd Party Clients Configuration Guide

With Soldupe we basically support all kind of 3rd party clients. In this guide we list all the supported 3rd party clients and how to configure them. If you do not find your favorite client app in this guide, that doesn’t mean it will not work with Soldupe! Give it a try, we support you wherever we can!


How to create a dedicated App password

In this brief guide, we walk you through the process of creating a dedicated App password for use with Soldupe.