How to use Soldupe

Soldupe is easy to use.

Using Soldupe doesn’t depend on your personal Know-How, technical skills or the time and nerves you are willing to invest into configuration.

Basically there are two ways to use Soldupe:

  1. You want to use your existing client software and configure it to use Soldupe yourself
  2. You want to take the advantage and comfort of pre-configured Soldupe client software

For the first case, we provide you with the necessary documentation and configuration support. We will release a detailled documentation on how to access all interfaces which Soldupe Cloud Services is providing. Be it from mobile devices or stationary PCs.

For the latter case, we will provide you in the future with dedicated mobile apps and configuration packages for the most common 3rd party client software like Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. There will also be further documentation like tutorial videos available, which will help you getting Soldupe up and running in no time.

Further and more detailled information will be posted soon!