13. September 2017

What exactly is Soldupe Cloud Services?

Soldupe Cloud Services was designed with focus on your online privacy.

It is a web-based service that enables you to synchronize your personal data across your devices and provides you with private, unmonitored communication channels.

Technically that means, we provide you with an open interfaced backend for syncing your personal data and your personal communication needs. From the organizational point of view, we guarantee you that we don’t analyze your data or meta-data or mess with your privacy in any other possible way.

We put you back in charge of your data!

That means, while we keep your data up to you, we enable you to share your data with anyone you want to. Be it other Soldupe users or public users. Because

It’s about
your data,
your privacy,
your decision!


We try to cover the most common questions, if you still have questions – please drop us a line!

How does Soldupe help you keeping your online privacy?

Here are some facts being thrown at you:

We do not track you.
We only use strong encryption.
We delete our logs on a regular base.
We do not analyze your data or meta-data.
We do not sell your data or meta-data to anyone.
We do not display or embed any online advertisements.
We stand for transparency through our Terms of Service.

Our business model is based upon securing and not monetizing your personal data!

You can try Soldupe 30 days for free before making a decision whether to buy a subscription or not! Sign up now and get started with your free trial with a few mouse clicks!

Which features does Soldupe support?

  • File Sync
  • Calendar / Task Sync
  • Address Book Sync
  • Browser Bookmark Sync
  • Video/Audio Calls
  • internal and public data sharing

Which client software should I use?

Basically you can use any client software capable of “understanding” the protocols listed in our technical F.A.Q.
We also listed a range of client software there which were successfully tested with Soldupe Cloud Services, meaning we can fully support you with these clients!

We refuse to enforce using certain clients – it’s up to you to decide which client software, you want to use!

Which additional features can I expect from Soldupe in the future?

We will be constantly updating Soldupe Cloud Services with new features at no additional cost for our existing or future users. For example, about three weeks after our Go-Live we’ve added Video/Audio Calls to our feature and more features are coming soon! Sign up to our Newsletter or follow us on one of our Social Media channels to stay up2date with Soldupe!

Can I use Soldupe instead of Google services?

Yes, you can either use Soldupe together with your existing environment or as a replacement.

Is using Soldupe Cloud Services better than using Google services?

If you care about your online privacy – yes, definitely!

But I still have questions!

No problem! Get in touch with us via Twitter, at our Facebook page or send us an email.
We’ll get back to you in no time!