Soldupe Features

Soldupe Cloud Services is aiming to help users regain power of their personal data again.

As stated in our F.A.Q. every user “generates” personal data which needs to stay synchronized across all user devices, while keeping the user in full control of his data. Besides that, communication tools like instant messaging, group chats and similar services are integral part of the 21st century daily digital life.

That’s why we offer the following features with Soldupe Cloud Services:

  • Cloud // Save your personal data safely
  • Sync // Access your data anytime from any device
  • Share // Pictures, files, calendars with your friends
  • Create // Realize projects with your team
  • Time // Share your calendars and plan your time together with your family or friends
  • Chat // Communication via Video Calls, Chats, Multi-User-Chats
  • Benefits // No tracking, no ads, data security, transparency, Open Source Software, open standards & protocols

Soldupe Cloud Services is offered as subscription based service.
Learn more details about our subscriptions system here.

Soldupe is based on Nextcloud and ejabberd.

We are offering the following Nextcloud apps:

  • File Sync & Sharing
  • Activity Stream
  • Gallery
  • Nextcloud Talk
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Audio & Video Player
  • Notes
  • Bookmarks

We are constantly extending Soldupe to improve customer experience.
If you have any requests, please drop us a line!