4. September 2017

Videocalls with Soldupe Cloud Services

Videocalls with Soldupe Cloud Service

Three weeks after our Go-Live we proudly announce the release of an additional feature to our users: Videocalls with Soldupe Cloud Services!

Using the Nextcloud built-in app for video and audio chats, Soldupe enables its users to make calls with other Soldupe users as well as public calls with other (non-Soldupe) users.

You can also have group calls, with either other Soldupe users or external users or a mixture of both! No matter, how you decide, your calls are encrypted and therefore staying private. The communication takes place directly between the participants browsers.

In case of firewalls denying direct communication between participants or in case of NAT problems, Soldupe provides a TURN server which will help you overcoming these troubles. With no additional configuration needed on your side!

What do you need to start Video/Audio chats with Soldupe?

You basically need three things:

  1. a computer with a working webcam, speakers and a microphone attached
  2. a recent browser which supports WebRTC
  3. an Soldupe account

That’s it!

This is just the first release of an additional feature for Soldupe Cloud Services at no extra cost for our existing and future users! And more features are already in the queue, watch this space in order not to miss them!

If you don’t believe us, how easy it is to have Video chats without installing additional client software, just sign up and start your free 30 days trial of Soldupe. You won’t regret it.

If you have any questions, drop us a line on one of our social media channels or sign up to our Newsletter!
See you soon! 😀

Last updated: September 4th, 2017