13. June 2017

Update on the Soldupe Beta phase

Soldupe Beta Test

We have been very busy the last weeks – here is a brief update on the current state of our Beta phase and a preview on what’s happening next.

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But first things first:


Our Beta is going well according to plan!


Thanks to everyone involved, we made a huge leap towards the production readiness of Soldupe Cloud Services!
We achieved the following milestones during the last weeks:

  • successfully completed all web interface & chat testruns
  • successfully tested all possible Soldupe user lifecycles
  • successfully performed fail-over and performance tests
  • successfully tested our backup and recovery procedures
  • resolved some minor problems (mostly due to different screen resolutions) in the User Dashboard
  • adapted the User Dashboard interface according to user feedback

That doesn’t sound much, but testing all user lifecycles alone took quite some time and coordination between our devs and testers. At this point, we would like to express our gratitude to all our Beta Testers helping us on the final checkup of Soldupe before the big Go-Live!

So, what’s still left to be accomplished before going live?

  • we still need to finish some of our manuals
  • add some final performance tweaks to Soldupe
  • complete some more tests on the technical side

That means, we’re not far away anymore from our Go-Live, given that the final tech tests (recovering from a “split-brain” situation and completing a “Total Disaster Recovery” procedure) will be completed successfully in time.

Stay tuned, as we will publish the subscription prices and the release date of Soldupe soon!

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Last updated: June 13th, 2017