25. March 2017

Why we don’t put any ads in any of our products

No advertisment

Today we will talk about our reasons for not putting any advertisements in any Soldupe related product or website.

A lot of webservices use advertising in their products as a legit way to finance their service offering to users. Very often you can buy a premium version of their service, which most likely will not display any ads. But nevertheless with displaying ads within online services come some troubles.

We looked at online advertisment in two ways: From a business view and from the users view.

Looking at this topic from a business view, it becomes very fast, very clear that online advertising provides only a little but nevertheless volatile income source, while bringing up questions about the advertisement content:

  1. Usually you don’t have real power over what ads will be placed on your site. So you probably will be affiliated with someone or something you don’t want. Or you probably will be advertising for your rival company on your website, since you have the same target audience… That leads to the next point.
  2. Online advertising is always connected to user tracking, which we strictly oppose. Period.

Looking at online advertisement from a users perspective brings up also two main points:

  1. Again: Online advertising is always connected to user tracking, which has a huge negative impact on the users online privacy. And besides that, users protect themselves against tracking, making all the efforts for so called “targeted advertising” pretty pointless.
  2. Blackhats are using advertisement networks to distribute their malware to endusers.

Summed up this means, that by enabling online advertisements we would sabotage our own business model, which is centered around securing and not monetizing our customers personal data!

And that’s what Soldupe Cloud Services is all about!

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Last updated: March 25th, 2017