2. August 2018

Changes in our social media presence

Mastodon Social LogoIt’s been quiet for some time here, the reason for this is that we revamped our social media strategy.

In the wake of the Facebook – Cambrigde Analytica scandal we thought that it’s time to do so – here is what we decided upon and how we proceed from here:

Beamy Lake GmbH, the creator and operator of Soldupe Cloud Services, is strongly dedicated to values like online privacy, freedom of speech, truth, decentralization and open source. All of our services are designed to respect our users privacy and to give them back their digital freedom!

Therefore we decided to discontinue our Facebook account. This account is still reachable, which means you can drop us a line or reach us via FB messenger, as we want to leave it up to our users to decide how they want to contact us, but there will not be any new content posted. We plan to abandon Facebook for good at the end of this year – but before we finally delete our Facebook account, we will send you a heads-up some proper time ahead!

Although Twitter is claiming that it’s a platform that encourages freedom of speech, the recent developments point the other way. Nevertheless we will continue our Twitter account  for the time being and we will be closely observing the path Twitter is about to move down. And here is the real news:

We’re new on Mastodon!

Since we are really dedicated to our values, we setup our own Mastodon instance! Mastodon is a relatively new social media software which aims to correct most of the problems big social networks have today. First Mastodon is licensed under the strict open source license AGPL v3, which means everyone can use and modify it. Secondly Mastodon’s architecture is based on decentralization, which means that everyone can setup and run his own Mastodon instance, while still being able to connect to users on other instances. This is called the “Fediverse”. Thirdly that makes Mastodon independent from big companies and you can run your own instance with your own rules implemented.

While Mastodon feels a bit “Twitter like” it supports posts up to 500 characters and connecting serveral posts to a thread. It allows you to place content warnings, picture descriptions (for the visually impaired) and mark posts as private, so only your followers can see them. All in all a piece of software, which fits our values very well! Wired wrote an article about Mastodon about a year ago. Mastodon is adding new features on a regular base, you can follow its development on Github.



Join us at https://beamy-lake.social

Follow our company account @beamylake@beamy-lake.social  or our product account @soldupe@beamy-lake.social !
We will be posting about online privacy related topics, internet gossip and of course our products and services!

If you want to register an account at our Mastodon instance, please send us an e-mail! In return you will receive our privacy policy and an invitation link. But you can also register at another instance (check https://instances.social/ for helping finding you a suitable instance) or run your own (single-user) instance. If you want to dive into the world of self-hosted, federated social networking https://joinmastodon.org/ is the place to start for you!

See you there!

Last updated: August 2nd, 2018