Soldupe Beta Program

We need your help!

Soldupe Beta ProgramBefore we’re going publicly online with Soldupe Cloud Services, we need to put it under intensive testing procedures in order to eliminate any bugs or other things which could disturb user experience.
With your help, we are sure we can track down all possible issues before going live. And once we went online, we will still be needing people to take part as beta testers for new features.

The Public Beta starts Monday, May 22nd 2017!

Of course, you will get a little reward for helping us – besides getting some swag like stickers, we would like to reward you with 3 months of free access to Soldupe Cloud Services (Standard Subscription / 2GB). If you decide to buy a subscription, we will be gladly extending your sub by adding 3 extra months without any additional costs!

If you’re interested, please sign-up to our Newsletter as this is the only requirement to join our Beta Program!

We’re looking forward to answer any questions you have, please get in touch with us!