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How Soldupe helps you regaining the power over your personal data and communication again

Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Soldupe Cloud Services provides platform independent synchronisation of your personal data and cross-platform communication channels.


In times of global mass surveillance we consider privacy as one of the most elementar human rights on which our freedom of speech is based upon. Soldupe supports privacy by design.


Your data, your decision!
Soldupe solely uses open protocols enabling our customers to choose the client software of their choice and to integrate Soldupe with no efforts.


Your money, your decision!
With our three product lines we are able to provide privacy features and a unique user experience to consumers, SME and large enterprises as well.

About Soldupe

The motivation behind Soldupe Cloud Services
It's about
your data
your privacy
your decision

Nowadays everyone has a lot of private data to maintain. Data like contacts, text messages, bookmarks, pictures, videos, calendar entries, tasks and other sensitive information.

Some of this data needs to stay private, some of this data needs to be shared either publicly or with known users. Password protection and expiration of shared data are also requirements.

In times of multinational companies providing free services to gain access to personal data of their users for monetizing reasons, we believe that besides the need to keep personal data private, everyone today is also in need of secure, non monitored communication platforms which are nevertheless easy to use.

That's why we created Soldupe Cloud Services - Learn more about our mission!

And bookmark this page, as more updates with indepth information will be posted here during the next weeks.

  • 100% Privacy

    Soldupe is designed to help users keeping their personal data private. We don't scan or analyze your data in any way and we don't sell it to anyone.

  • 100% Open Protocols

    Soldupe relies on open, standardized protocols to enable users to integrate Soldupe seamlessly in their existing IT environment.

  • 100% Your Choice

    Using Soldupe means, that YOU are in control of your data and nobody else.
    YOU choose which of your data gets shared and which data will stay private.

  • 100% no advertisements

    You will never see an advertisement on any Soldupe related page or product.
    Never. Ever.

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